Front-End Performance & Optimization

Masterclass by Holger Bartel

23 October 2016, 10:00 AM
Hive Hotel, Q.C.

This year, Holger Bartel dives into the technical details of front-end performance and optimization: how you can supercharge your sites & webapps to load faster, respond quicker, and behave more reliably. Limited slots are available, so get your tickets now! Registration ends on October 16.

You will learn about performance strategies, as well as basic and more advanced web performance best practices, how to implement and how to measure them. Reaping the low hanging fruit will teach you how to reach performance improvements and goals rather quickly, while other techniques require more time, effort and testing to achieve the desired results.

What You’ll Learn

About the Speaker

Holger Bartel

No stranger to the Form Function & Class conference, Holger Bartel is a web design consultant and frontend developer based in Hong Kong. He founded the design studio uforepublic and consults on strategy and designs & develops responsive and mobile websites with a focus on performance and high standards. He’s also a part-time lecturer Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design and organizes Harbour front Hong Kong.


October 23 reminders: check-in registration starts at 8:30 am, doors close at 9:50 am, and the masterclass shall begin at 10:00 am. Please bring your laptop so you can participate in the activities. Please refer to the rest of our reminders here.