Convince Your Boss

Want to attend the <form> function() & .class conference but need to convince your boss so your team can get tickets? Don’t worry, we’ve prepared this document to help you out!

We know you love working with design.

You’re probably designing on your desk now — chained to it like a creative genius.

However, face time with other designers also matters. Studies indicate that networking and being in open networks of contacts is one indicator of success. Attending events such as conferences not only connects you with potential collaborators, clients, and friends, but also helps you connect the dots creatively. Get inspired and all fired up to make beautiful, well-designed sites, apps, interfaces, digital products and experiences.

We created Form Function & Class because we recognize this need — to go beyond what you can learn online and experience actual learning in a conference setting.

At FFC, you’ll learn case studies, best practices, and solutions while interacting with your peers and colleagues. Everything you can take home from the conference will help you effectively meet and overcome the biggest web design challenges you are facing today!

Form Function and Class is the main event of the Philippine Web Designers Organization a grassroots, volunteer-run, non-profit organization that helps develop the local community by championing professionalism & excellence in crafting interfaces for the Web. In 2014, we had a star-studded lineup featuring Jina Bolton, Sacha Greif, John Allsopp, and more. In 2015, we had the amazing Rachel Nabors, Holger Bartel, James Cabrera, Angela Salud Chua, Angela Obias, and Brad Frost.

Although we have limited resources, we work hard so you can learn from the brightest minds in the Philippines, Asia, and the rest of the world, improve your craft, and get ahead in your career.

All pumped to attend FFC? Great!

Now, to convince the boss.

Your boss will want to send you when you explain that this will be helpful for your team. You can stress the real benefits of attending the conference, like:

But isn’t it expensive?

Not when you consider the pricing of similar web design and developer conference counterparts in the Asian region:

FFC is bringing in international speakers at a great conference price point! We work extremely hard to make sure your ticket is as affordable as possible, while featuring the best people in the industry.

Aside from giving you access to the conference, each ticket includes:

What are you waiting for? Register for FFC now!

Let’s make it even easier!

Here’s an email template you can send to your boss:

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Our company has always been committed to creating amazing digital products for our customers and stakeholders. In line with our commitment, I’d like to inform you about an upcoming conference that will be of value to us. The Philippine Web Designers Organization (a grassroots web design community known for bringing in international talented design speakers) has organized a conference on web design called Form Function & Class. I believe we should join this conference for the following reasons:

I’ll hear from amazing speakers who are the best in the business. Not only are they updated with what’s new in the industry, they’re the trailblazers and innovators themselves—and they’re sharing their wealth of knowledge with us, here in Manila!

PWDO, the organization itself, is a major community player that conducts regular meet-ups on design & development topics in schools and in different organizations. They are a non-profit organization. Joining the event supports the local design community that provides our company the manpower pool we would need in the future.

Most conferences in the Asian region cost $500–1000. This event will held here in Manila for less than $100. It’s the best deal we will get in the Asian region.

Joining the FFC conference allows us to learn the latest ideas & trends, and see what others are doing in the market. We only get this kind of opportunity with such top-notch international speakers once in a lifetime. We should take advantage of it. The earlier we register, the bigger the discount we can get on our registration!

We can buy the tickets here:

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